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23 April 2014

France: Government renews its pledge to reform education

The new French Prime Minister says he will forge ahead with promised education reforms as three national teachers’ unions challenged his government to put quality education at the top of his agenda. The Syndicat national des enseignements de second degré de la Fédération syndicale unitaire(SNES-FSU), the Syndicat national unitaire des instituteurs, professeurs des écoles et PEGC-FSU(SNUipp-FSU) and the Union nationale des syndicats autonomes-Education(UNSA-Education), all national Education International affiliates, have reminded newly appointed Prime Minister Manuel Valls and National Education Minister Benoît Hamon of the urgent need for quality education and training as well as good working and living conditions for teachers. More




23 April 2014

Spain: Austerity called into question

Austerity measures and structural reforms have come under fire in Spain, one of the countries most affected by the economic crisis. Now, the Constitutional Court of Spain and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) are reviewing the viability and adequacy of the laws passed as part of the restructuring plans. This review includes the new law of educational improvement, which was denounced by unions as being an assault on the education system. More




22 April 2014

Quality education takes centre stage across the UK as unions call for policy change

National teachers’ unions across the UK delivered a similar message in support of their members and students, calling for quality education and targeting government policy as members congregated at their annual conferences throughout the Easter break. More



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17 April 2014

Education International sends condolences to South Korean ferry victims

Education International would like to express its strongest condolences to the families of those lost and still missing following the tragic South Korean ferry sinking off the country’s south-western coast. The ferry, en-route from Incheon to the tourist island of Jeju capsized April 16 with 475 passengers and crew on board. Among those on the ferry, 325 were students accompanied by an unconfirmed number of teachers, the majority of whom come from Danwon High School near Seoul. More



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