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20 August 2014

A World at School launches Thunderclap to ignite countdown

With only 500 days left to get 58 million children into the classroom, A World at School has ramped up their #EducationCountdown campaign to achieve the Millennium Development Goal of universal education. More




19 August 2014

Health crisis forces Higher Ed Conference to relocate

With the Ebola virus spreading sickness and fear throughout Western Africa, the president of Ghana has cancelled all international events, forcing November’s Higher Education and Research Conference to find a new host. More




18 August 2014

Unite Campaign’s Africa event to move south amid Ebola threat

With the risk too serious to ignore, Education International will relocate its Unite for Quality Education event planned for Nairobi, Kenya as travel bans from Western Africa come into effect. More




14 August 2014

EI commits humanitarian aid for teachers in Iraq and Kurdistan

As the security situation in Iraq and Kurdistan continues to deteriorate, and teachers and unions increasingly become targets of Islamic State forces, Education International has reached into its solidarity fund to support its members under siege. More



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