Protect (public) education systems, teachers, other education employees, students and children against the negative effects of the debt and economic crises and the implementation of detrimental market mechanisms

  • Advocate for adequate and equitable long term funding investment in public school systems (increased capital and recurrent investment) of at least 6% of GDP; promote the expansion of fiscal space, including FTT, through the generation of additional revenue rather than the use of  austerity policies
  • Counter legislative and other measures privatising and outsourcing public provision of education; give  special attention to vulnarable sectors, including  Early Childhood Education, Vocational Education and Training and Higher Education and Research
  • Campaign for the achievement of all EFA goals; advocate for predictable, long term Official Development Assistance to Education with increasing domestic expenditure; Implement the EI Pledge made to the Global Partnership for Education (November 2011)

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