Clemente Rey Dolot (Senior Regional Coordinator)

Clemente Rey Dolot
Clemente Rey Dolot

Rey Dolot is currently a Senior Regional Coordinator of Education International in the Asia Pacific Region.

He is responsible for programmes and activities on human and trade union rights as well as development cooperation projects in various countries in the region.

For two years, Rey was the Project Coordinator of the EI/PSI Trade Union Rights Network Project in the Asia Pacific Region.

A former university lecturer and secondary teacher, Rey was General Secretary of National Alliance of Teachers and Office Workers, an EI affiliate in the Philippines, and was also the union president of Jose Rizal University in Manila, his alma mater. He was a Project Coordinator of ILO-IPEC Philippines.

Rey has been a lecturer and resource person in leadership and labour seminars, both at national and international levels. His passion is negotiating collective bargaining agreements.

Born in 1960 in Sorsogon City, Philippines, Rey received degrees in Liberal Arts, Education and Law. He is married with two children and now based in Malaysia.

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