Steve Snider (Special Consultant to the General Secretary)

Steve Snider
Steve Snider

Steve Snider is an experienced communications strategist with extensive experience in education policy advocacy. At the National Education Association in the U.S., he led strategic communications for the education reform efforts of the Priority Schools Campaign, directing conventional and digital media through channels that included school-based content from 42 states, more than 150 videos and annualized triple-digit growth on social media.

Earlier at NEA, Snider managed advertising and multimedia production, directing research, message development and agency management for an annual multi-million television and radio branding and advocacy campaign. As an NEA representative to Education International’s Communicator’s Network, Snider helped develop and manage an international video documentary program.

Prior to joining NEA, Steve was Director of Public Affairs at the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as an appointee of President Bill Clinton. As a partner in a media firm, he was a producer and media consultant for congressional and issue campaigns in 18 states in the 1990s. A former political and investigative journalist, he served as a U.S. Senate committee investigator and a policy and communications aide to Senators Lowell Weicker, Ted Kennedy and Carl Levin.

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