Hong Kong: Educators stand with democracy defenders

In the face of the on-going violence against protesters and democracy defenders in Hong Kong, Education International (EI) and its members are mobilising to show support for those who defend the values of democracy, justice and liberties.

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Liberia: Renewed fight against increasing privatisation

Guenay Ulutuncok, laif / Reporters.be, 2012

In Liberia, educators and their unions are determined to fight back against the privatisation and commercialisation of education in the face of strengthened links between the government and edu-business.

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Netherlands: Over 4,000 schools close as teachers strike for a sustainable solution to funding crisis and staff shortages

Education International

Schools in the Netherlands are struggling to pay their way, while a teacher shortage is getting worse and worse. The government offered a one-time €460 million boost, but teachers are standing firm for structural increases in funding that can preserve the profession and guarantee quality education for all in the Netherlands.

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