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To the right is the list of Urgent Action Appeals launched by EI on behalf of its member organisations. An urgent action appeal is a form of worldwide mobilisation of EI's network of member organisations and global partners such as the Global Union Federations. EI calls on this network when there is an imminent risk of danger for trade unionists or when teacher organisations are harassed or prevented from carrying legitimate trade union actions. Please click on the links for the details of each appeal.

TURKEY: Request for action and financial solidarity

According to our affiliate EĞITIM-SEN, on 29 October 2016, under the guise of the new emergency decree, another 10,131 public workers, among them 2,219 education personnel, were permanently dismissed from their duties. They included 616 EĞITIM-SEN members, 26 academics and 590 other education staff. The total number of dismissed education personnel that have lost their right to work in the Turkish education sector has reached 38,294. The number of dismissed academics is at 3,613.
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IRAN - Freedom for Iranian teacher union leader Esmail Abdi

Education International (EI) calls on its members to take action and protest against the six-year jail sentence imposed on Mr. Esmail Abdi, a leader of the Tehran Teacher Trade Association. The sentence was announced on 7 October by Branch 36 of the Appeal Court of Tehran.
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ECUADOR - Halt the dissolution of the teacher union UNE

Education International (EI) urges its member organisations to call on the Ministry of Education of Ecuador to withdraw, with immediate effect, the legal notice of dissolution served on Unión Nacional de Educadores (UNE), EI’s affiliate in the country.
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