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16 January 2017

Less than a quarter of secondary students living in emergencies have access to education

A new Human Rights Watch World Report looks into secondary education for children in emergency situations, calling on humanitarian actors and donors to ensure that refugee adolescents have access to education wherever they find themselves. More




13 January 2017

Germany: teacher union rethinks education

The German union GEW is gearing up for a new campaign aimed at increasing the national and local governments’ funding for education. More




12 January 2017

Brazil: Education, democracy and resistance

More than 2,500 teacher leaders gather in Brasilia, Brazil, this week for the Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (CNTE)’s congress, debating topics inspired by famous educator and philosopher Paulo Freire’s critical pedagogy. More




11 January 2017

Report says that textbooks are crucial to tackling sexual discrimination

A new Global Education Monitoring Report Policy Paper clearly shows that textbooks can play a major role in helping build tolerance and positively shape young people’s views and acceptance of sexual diversity. More



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