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#WDR2018 Reality Check #15: Technical and vocational education and training – realising the potential to transform the lives of millions by Pat Forward

Credits: Dana Smillie / World Bank

The most striking features of the World Development Report 2018’s chapter on technical and vocational training (TVET) are that it is a superficial examination of the role and impact of TVET around the world, and that it persists in perpetuating a very narrow framing of the role that the sector plays.

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#WDR2018 Reality Check #14: Where is the World in the WDR 2018? An Appeal to Rename it the ‘American Development Report’ by Jeremy Rappleye & Hikaru Komatsu

Credits: USAID Guatemala

The 2018 World Development Report “Learning to Realize Education’s Promise” provides deep insights into the worldview of the World Bank, the world’s most powerful development institution. Instead of critically questioning the Bank’s explicit claims – as most of the blogs thus far have done – it is also worth pausin...

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#WDR2018 Reality Check #13: “It’s not a learning crisis, it’s an international development crisis! A decolonial critique” by Iveta Silova

Credits: Global Partnership for Education

The 2018 World Development Report (WDR) “Learning to Realize Education’s Promise” has been widely praised for placing education at the forefront of the international development agenda. But while signaling a global commitment to increasing education access and quality in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SD...

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#WDR2018 Reality Check #12:The World Bank and the chalkface: a teacher’s perspective by Jelmer Evers

Credits: Masaru Goto / World Bank

My colleagues in my school probably know the World Bank quite superficially, at least if they teach economics history, geography or social sciences. For the rest of them I would say there is name recognition, but not much more than that. However, they would recognize its policy, the tone and the implicit messages on education a...

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