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    "Higher Education, and the purpose of education", by Jens Vraa-Jensen

    University of Chicago. Photo: Don Burkett

    Seen through a neoliberal political framework, education’s main purpose is to be an instrument for economic development, increased productivity of workers and creation of new jobs. In such a context, education is not one of the key factors for social and human development. Any debate on education must always clarify how educa...

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    "Education should not be a waiting room for life", by David Edwards.

    Photo: GPE/Tabassy Baro

    “It is often argued that the purpose of early childhood education is to prepare children for school, so that schools, in turn, can prepare children for adulthood and for the work force. This approach reduces childhood to a waiting room.” -- Steffen Handal, President, Education Union of Norway (UEN).

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