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    #IWD2019 #Education Voices: "The Role of Education in South Africa’s Struggle Against Gender Based Violence", by Dorcus Sekabate

    Photo: Deutsche Bank

    The late world renowned South African statesman and first democratically elected President Nelson Mandela once said; “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. As an educator, these words have been a driving inspiration for my overall outlook on the profession and on what its role could be in...

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    "Students and Climate Change: A Lesson in Global Citizenship", by David Edwards

    Photo: Leon Enrique / Flickr

    Student mobilisation on climate change is a strong call on democracy to deliver for the planet. It is a rejection of “climate deniers”, but also of “business as usual.” Its ultimate success will depend on expanding the mobilisation while graduating from protest to politics, including by linking lower carbon emissions with progre...

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    “Evidence-based labour activities for gender equality and the rights to gender and reproductive health”, by Yoshiko Norimatsu.


    The Japan Teachers’ Union contributes to achieving gender-related rights through its programmes and policies focused on the rights of female educators. A recent JTU research, for example, has shown how terms of employment are interlinked with reproductive health and childcare challenges.

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    “A Pending Task: Addressing Inequality in Education”, by Karen Inga Eira and Juan Gabriel Espinola.

    Photo: Julio Pantoja / World Bank

    2019 marks the 30th anniversary of the International Labour Organization (ILO) Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention 1989 (No 169), the only international treaty that specifically addresses the rights of Indigenous Peoples. Education International recognizes the critical role that teachers and their organizations in the educa...

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