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    #youngteachers “To teach, is to commit”, by Khalid El Mahroug (SLFP, Belgium).

    Photo: Kyo Azuma / Unsplash

    Teaching is just like life: always full of surprises. Too often, however, these surprises give rise to frustration, disappointment and demotivation. But why, you might ask? It’s simple: education is one of society’s essential foundations and we all know that we must invest in it through well thought out and supportive reforms bu...

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    #youngteachers “Career attractiveness and resources to foster inclusion”, by Laurent Berck (SNE/CGFP, Luxembourg).

    Photo: Aaron Burden / Unsplash

    Luxembourg’s shortage of qualified primary school teachers has often made the front pages in recent years, even though the OECD has once again reported that Luxembourg’s teachers are the best paid. A shortage and an exceptional salary may seem like an inexplicable paradox, even to those of us in Luxembourg, as comments left by r...

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    #youngteachers “Trade unions at your side!”, by Michal Horník (ČMOS-PS, Czech Republic).

    Photo:  Camylla Battani / Unsplash

    I have been working in the education sector for five years. It is not a long time but it is not a short time either. I have spent a lot of good time teaching students, cooperating with my colleagues and participating in trade union activities - the activities of The Czech and Moravian Trade Union of Workers in Education.

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