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Don’t buy it! Schools are not for sale!


Education International recently released a report “Schooling the Poor Profitably” which tells the story of the predatory practices of private for-profit international chains of education providers like Bridge International Academy (BIA). Bridge International Academies (also referred to as ‘Bridge’) aims ...

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Does teaching make you happy?


Teaching is often seen as a job to which many people aspire and several international surveys confirm that teachers do enjoy their role [1]. Such a statement could answer our question and this article could come to an end right now. Which would be a good example of not seeing the forest for the trees. In reality, enjoying teachi...

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The Role of Schools in Social Inequality


The last few years have witnessed a great deal of social turmoil, with rising protest movements on the right and the left, and a pervasive sense that something has gone seriously wrong with global economic and political institutions. I think part of what motivates today’s dissatisfaction is the sense that the basic social ...

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