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La violence à l’école : l’apport de la recherche québécoise


School-based violence is an increasingly hot topic in many places around the world. Research carried out in Quebec (Canada) reveals that while the phenomenon is not on the rise as media reporting suggest, teacher and school staff training remains an important gap. Recent research works in this domain converge to underline the im...

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Creativity, collaboration and digital technologies


Technologies are not always the best support for the learning process. Despite the myths attributing quasi-magical motivational and performance effects to the introduction of digital technologies in education (Amadieu & Tricot, 2014; Romero, Laferriere, & Power, 2016), the results of different studies point to effects wh...

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School Privatizer to Head US Department of Education


While it is doubtful that US President-elect Donald Trump ever read George Orwell’s 1984, Trump’s cabinet choices appear to come right out of the doublethink that ruled Orwell’s dystopian society. In Orwell’s book, the Ministry of Plenty rationed essentials while the Ministry of Truth manufactured falseho...

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Teaching Students to Improve the World


The Southern Poverty Law Center in the United States documented a record figure of 867 bias incidents in the ten days following the Presidential election, arguably a result of the very divisive presidential campaign in the United States, with its anti-immigrant and anti globalization undertones. This development, and others such...

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