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The price of Inequality


We’ve all heard the old adage about the rich getting richer, and the poor getting poorer. It’s a saying that’s rung particularly true in much of the world over the last thirty years.  Statistics show that income inequality reached historically high levels, particularly in many OECD countries just prior to the financia...

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Education reform in times of crisis: Emulating Finland?


Education reform is an increasingly internationalised phenomenon. Governments seeking to reform their education system usually look to the international level for successful experiences, with a view to learning from their strengths and, as far as possible, emulating them. In Europe, Finland currently stands out as the princ...

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EI's "Education in Crisis" Seminar


Education International’s "Education in Crisis" Seminar, that took place from 18-19 October, 2012, united over 140 educators from more than 30 different countries in discussions that engaged different approaches aiming to enrich education systems all over the world, both during the current global economic crisis and for the de...

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Privatizing Teacher Solidarity: Education Freelancing in the Former Socialist Bloc


With the advent of the market forces in the post-socialist education space, the logic of service provision has become commonplace in schools. For many teachers, “education entrepreneurship” has become a part of the individual and collective professional identity formation. In Lithuania, for example, the 2003 Law on Education...

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